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Welcome to Trent Building and Roofing

Reasonably Priced Services

Quality services often come at a higher cost but Trent Building & Roofing is the exception. Even though our services stand out and meet industry standards, they remain accessible to the majority, thanks to their affordability.

No further costs will be charged to you. What you see is all you get to pay and thereafter, we will ensure all the work is completed within a reasonable time and it’s done to your satisfaction. All along, we will also tune everything to meet the highest industry standards.

We fully understand that quality comes first and that’s why we hardly stop to invest in our infrastructure, training, and services. In fact, we endeavour to take not just the level but the standards of work done across the UK to a whole new level.

Localised services

25 years have elapsed since our inception and all along, we’ve reliably served the Nottingham Mansfield and Derby area. For that, we’ve earned ourselves a great reputation for quality services and customer satisfaction.

Also, at Trent Building & Roofing, we have a dedicated team of UK-based professionals who love their job dearly and strongly believe in the ideals the company was founded upon. Our vision is to offer only quality services and do all it takes to support and meet the needs of our customers.

Our team has tirelessly worked to make this happen not just during the job but also when it comes to aftercare services. If not for them, Trent Building and Roofing wouldn’t have reached its current status.

Leading roofing and building specialists

As leading roofing specialists, it won’t take us long to figure out the root cause of your roofing problem and what it takes to have it working properly again.

To many building owners, this may take a while but rather than put yourself through the pain of having to figure that out, we are ready to use our rich experience and knowledge to help you understand the problem clearly and all the available solutions that will get it fixed.

Regardless of the services we offer, the standard of quality remains the same. We also have the all the resources required to take on projects of any size, whether residential or commercial.

Let’s face it, roofs can only get older and this means they will need care at some point. Remember, your roof is the shield that keeps your family, property, and possessions safe and so it deserves all the attention we can give it.

Harsh weather, aging, vermin and a host of other factors are all known to take a toll on the roof and so once you see signs of damage, the best you can do is to act really fast because it’s a little less difficult to handle such small damages than wait for the larger ones to show up.

Examples of signs you should watch out for include gaps, cracks, holes, spoiled slates and so on. Weak and ageing roofs will portray such signs and if ignored, this will only prepare you for worse things to come.

To ensure the roof is attended to well enough, you need to seek a professional roofing expert. This will not just save you unnecessary costs but it will ensure the problem is fixed professionally and quickly.

At Trent Building & Roofing, we offer a wide range of roofing services that are sure to help you out of your situation. They include:

Roof repairs and replacements

Installation of roofing system

Roofing cleaning

Flat Roof and Tile/Slate Projects

Industrial and Commercial roofing solutions

Roof Safety and Health Assessments

Also worth mentioning is that we are a fully insured and licensed roofing company and all the professionals on our team also bear certification and a rich experience in offering roofing solutions.

All the roofs we’ve worked in the Nottingham Mansfield and Derby area have all lived up to the expectations of the owners as well as meeting all industry standards.

In addition to all that, we also have serious working relationships with housing trusts and local councils.

Why Contact Trent Building and Roofing Specialists?

Unmatched craftsmanship

For well over 25 years, our company has put all of its focus on offering quality roofing services. We’ve been able to perfect our craftsmanship in roofing all through these years and this explains why we deliver results that impress beyond expectations. It’s due to this that we’ve solidified our status as the leading and most reliable roofing company in Nottingham Mansfield and Derby.

Trust and Integrity

Plainly put, it’s our trust and integrity that has led to almost all of our customers coming back again to seek our services or even refer their friends, family or neighbours to our company whenever they need help fixing their roof.

Friendly prices

Compared to other roofing companies, our prices are pretty affordable and we’ve successfully done that without sacrificing on the quality of our services. Rather than go for cheaper services and regret the quality of the services later, we’ve made a perfect combination that can meet the needs of everyone.

End to end services

What this means is that we hardly leave anything unattended in the services we offer to our customers. At no particular point will you be forced to finish up what we left because we always carry out the work you assign to us all the way to completion. Furthermore, we have all the resources, knowledge, experience and expertise needed to take any project you may have.

Competent team

At Trent Building & Roofing, we not only care about the competence of our roofers but also character. All of our roofers have passed the test of honesty and integrity and besides that, they are sufficiently skilled and they highly value customer satisfaction and safety above everything else.

Don’t hesitate to call us when you notice holes, gaps, cracks or other signs that point to a damaged roof.

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